Plumbing History and Information

Plumbing is one of the most sought after industries and its scope is broader than what the popular opinion provides. It is a necessary part of community facilities in residential buildings, public facilities, fountains, bathroom with amenities.  You may wonder what training and qualifications should you have to become one? And most importantly, how much does a plumber on average earn every month? How to become a plumber with or without a degree?


History and origins of the profession

The trade of the plumber or heating engineer existed since ancient centuries and many traces have been found both in ancient Egypt as in some parts of Europe or Asia. Even today it is difficult to give the exact starting point of this profession, we can not lose sight of the different evidence that previous civilizations have left as legacy throughout history. Regarding the word “plumber”, it has undergone significant changes over the ages, and, depending on the country. Nevertheless, there is a common thread in these different countries: the name changes regardless of the country.

Why become a plumber?

A plumber or any profession whatsoever is born of a need in a particular area. Regarding the plumber, it is classified in the construction field and is one of the most requested from its niche. The precision of the trade is highlighted here to support the fact that all parts of the building are concerned with like the installation (offices, kitchens, toilets, showers, bedrooms, etc. The specialized companies in this sector are providing qualified work while demand is increasingly growing. While it is difficult to find jobs or find markets in some areas, why not turn to trades especially if one is predisposed to excel in these areas. The last advantage on this type of job is that after complete training in plumbing , for all the work done, they are able to provide solutions, and the exorbitant costs for labor will be directed to other purposes. For some, the motivation comes from there: the pay for simple work of unclogging pipes is fairly good.


necessary qualities of a plumber

In addition to basic training, they must have better physical condition and have certain skills such as self-discipline, availability, flexibility, good interpersonal skills, mobility, versatility and others.

Fitness should in no case be overlooked since they will have to lift heavy tools or move equipment and materials. Their availability and ability to stay calm will be of great importance to the extent that most of these tasks occur unexpectedly, even if they are not in a good mood. Also, they may need to work on a weekend, a holiday or evening. Do not forget that the best recommendations come from satisfied customers and this is a campaign that is based on relationships. Whether made by word of mouth or by notice on the websites, this is the kind of information that expands the customer portfolio of the worker..

What is the salary of a professional plumber?

In terms of remuneration of a professional plumber, the average plumbing gross salary in the US is estimated at $ 50,660 per year. But for beginners, they are paid less per month. This evaluator analysis of the compensation grid can also lead to an estimate of the plumber activities if they decide to start a company.

Indeed, given the jurisdiction to which the tradesman works in, their client portfolio may depend and 50k a year can be largely exceeded. However, if the work is performed by professionals only, with collaborators or through internal organization of any kind, reducing the delivery time of the work, the remuneration will be different again. But it must also be considered that the tools and equipment to use for the tasks will be charged to the contractor. While, as an employee, depreciation and equipment costs dont affect you.

Today, the profession of plumbing is considered a job in fashion, but also known to all as one of the most desirable building trades, the best paid and almost independent of weather conditions.

Carpet Cleaning Adventures

Like every family sometimes we need do do some carpet cleaning.  We have some wild kids and they can sometimes get out of control.  Just the other day our kids were out playing outside and tracked a bunch of mud into our friends house.  We weren’t worried though because we have a friend named Chase that has a professional carpet cleaning company in the Cornelius area.  We consulted Chase to see what he recommended we do to get the stains out.  His advice was great and we got some good tips that will surely prolong the life of our carpet.  One of the tips he gave us was to never wipe, but first to blot the stains as that will stop the stain from smearing all over and making it worse.


While we are talking about his company we just wanted to highly recommend him to anyone in the Cornelius area.  He is a great guy that takes a lot of pride in his work and has a money back satisfaction guarantee.  A lot of people we know have used him and all say the same things. This is such a rare quality to have especially in an industry like carpet cleaning where a lot of companies are know to be shady and scammy.  We personally havent had any bad experiences but some of our friends have, so we know to be extra careful when choosing a company to work with.  That goes for other trades too like contractors and plumbers.

He has also recently started to sponsor a local softball team.  How many carpet cleaners in Cornelius NC are sponsoring local organisations? Not many thats for sure!  He said that he plans to sponsor more organisations in the future if business gets good.  So what do you say guys, help out some local businesses and put food on the table for a family rather than some rich CEO.



The Importance of Farming

farmingAgriculture has always been an important sector of American culture, especially in the South. Currently, about three-fifths of the land used for certain types of agricultural production, such as cattle breeding and production of sugar beets.

However, in recent years, agriculture has started to lose its prevalence in the US and worldwide. Young people are less likely to follow their parents to care for family farms. They choose to pursue other occupations in urban areas. Large-scale farming practices were considered harmful to the environment, climate hazards and volatile food prices have put pressure on the incomes of farmers worldwide. In America, the number of people involved in agriculture decreased by 4.3% in 2003 to 3.8% in 2010.

But agriculture is constantly changing and it is his image. Agriculture is now seen as the solution to some of the most pressing environmental and social challenges in the world. Innovations that help prevent food waste, which help young farmers and cities to feed, are all ways to make agriculture a key solution. From sub-Saharan Africa to the US, the farmers not only use to improve their food, security and livelihoods, but also for the sake of environmental sustainability.

These innovations that work in the field across the planet are changing the image of agriculture status creator problems than solutions provider.

africaAccording to United Nations data for food and agriculture, industrial countries throw away about 222 million tons of food per year. America accounts for just over 15 million tonnes of food waste each year according to a study. But emerging agricultural innovations work to reduce this waste. It’s important not to let food go to waste. In one French city they will simply throw away a ton of potatoes bases solely on the reason that they look unpleasant.

Composting is another effective way to reduce and better utilize food waste. The American Agency for Environment and Energy Management has been a key player in a national plan to sharply reduce landfill by stimulating the growth of waste composting In 2002, USA refused the discharge of untreated waste, including ferment-able waste, which produces nitrogen which is beneficial for soil fertility.

Alternatively, agriculture provides benefits through youth employment. The unemployment rate is currently just under 10% in America.

Organizations provide a wealth of information now and possibly young farmers, such as mixed farming principles and practices for keeping young people informed growers.
Currently almost half of the world population lives in cities and according to the UN, 65% of the world population will live in cities by 2050. Urban agriculture is a proven way to provide this growing population with food fresh and nutritious.

cosWhile urban farms can provide US citizens with fresh, nutritious food, at the other end of the world they also use innovative urban urban agriculture. In Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya, more than 1 000 farmers, mostly women, began to grow vegetables out of the ground with bags filled with earth. These vertical gardens in Kibera are an example of success and sustainable agricultural innovations highlighted in the State of the World 2011 Worldwatch Institute: Innovations that nourish the report on the Planet. The US edition of this report was published on 5 December.

The above examples and countless others show that agriculture is emerging not as an instigator, but as a solution to many of our global problems. In America and in the world, agriculture is used to strengthen communities by providing a means of income and livelihood, nourishes families through the production of improved crops and protects the earth through agro-ecological practices.


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