Carpet Cleaning Adventures

Like every family sometimes we need do do some carpet cleaning.  We have some wild kids and they can sometimes get out of control.  Just the other day our kids were out playing outside and tracked a bunch of mud into our friends house.  We weren’t worried though because we have a friend named Chase that has a professional carpet cleaning company in the Cornelius area.  We consulted Chase to see what he recommended we do to get the stains out.  His advice was great and we got some good tips that will surely prolong the life of our carpet.  One of the tips he gave us was to never wipe, but first to blot the stains as that will stop the stain from smearing all over and making it worse.


While we are talking about his company we just wanted to highly recommend him to anyone in the Cornelius area.  He is a great guy that takes a lot of pride in his work and has a money back satisfaction guarantee.  A lot of people we know have used him and all say the same things. This is such a rare quality to have especially in an industry like carpet cleaning where a lot of companies are know to be shady and scammy.  We personally havent had any bad experiences but some of our friends have, so we know to be extra careful when choosing a company to work with.  That goes for other trades too like contractors and plumbers.

He has also recently started to sponsor a local softball team.  How many carpet cleaners in Cornelius NC are sponsoring local organisations? Not many thats for sure!  He said that he plans to sponsor more organisations in the future if business gets good.  So what do you say guys, help out some local businesses and put food on the table for a family rather than some rich CEO.