Plumbing History and Information

Plumbing is one of the most sought after industries and its scope is broader than what the popular opinion provides. It is a necessary part of community facilities in residential buildings, public facilities, fountains, bathroom with amenities.  You may wonder what training and qualifications should you have to become one? And most importantly, how much does a plumber on average earn every month? How to become a plumber with or without a degree?


History and origins of the profession

The trade of the plumber or heating engineer existed since ancient centuries and many traces have been found both in ancient Egypt as in some parts of Europe or Asia. Even today it is difficult to give the exact starting point of this profession, we can not lose sight of the different evidence that previous civilizations have left as legacy throughout history. Regarding the word “plumber”, it has undergone significant changes over the ages, and, depending on the country. Nevertheless, there is a common thread in these different countries: the name changes regardless of the country.

Why become a plumber?

A plumber or any profession whatsoever is born of a need in a particular area. Regarding the plumber, it is classified in the construction field and is one of the most requested from its niche. The precision of the trade is highlighted here to support the fact that all parts of the building are concerned with like the installation (offices, kitchens, toilets, showers, bedrooms, etc. The specialized companies in this sector are providing qualified work while demand is increasingly growing. While it is difficult to find jobs or find markets in some areas, why not turn to trades especially if one is predisposed to excel in these areas. The last advantage on this type of job is that after complete training in plumbing , for all the work done, they are able to provide solutions, and the exorbitant costs for labor will be directed to other purposes. For some, the motivation comes from there: the pay for simple work of unclogging pipes is fairly good.


necessary qualities of a plumber

In addition to basic training, they must have better physical condition and have certain skills such as self-discipline, availability, flexibility, good interpersonal skills, mobility, versatility and others.

Fitness should in no case be overlooked since they will have to lift heavy tools or move equipment and materials. Their availability and ability to stay calm will be of great importance to the extent that most of these tasks occur unexpectedly, even if they are not in a good mood. Also, they may need to work on a weekend, a holiday or evening. Do not forget that the best recommendations come from satisfied customers and this is a campaign that is based on relationships. Whether made by word of mouth or by notice on the websites, this is the kind of information that expands the customer portfolio of the worker..

What is the salary of a professional plumber?

In terms of remuneration of a professional plumber, the average plumbing gross salary in the US is estimated at $ 50,660 per year. But for beginners, they are paid less per month. This evaluator analysis of the compensation grid can also lead to an estimate of the plumber activities if they decide to start a company.

Indeed, given the jurisdiction to which the tradesman works in, their client portfolio may depend and 50k a year can be largely exceeded. However, if the work is performed by professionals only, with collaborators or through internal organization of any kind, reducing the delivery time of the work, the remuneration will be different again. But it must also be considered that the tools and equipment to use for the tasks will be charged to the contractor. While, as an employee, depreciation and equipment costs dont affect you.

Today, the profession of plumbing is considered a job in fashion, but also known to all as one of the most desirable building trades, the best paid and almost independent of weather conditions.